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Liberty Defined: 50 Essential Issues That Affect Our Freedom

Liberty Defined Ron Paul Books

Ron Paul Books Rating: Winning in 2012!

Ron Paul’s campaign for President in 2012 is going better then any of us could have imagined in 2008. Liberty Defined is a must read for anyone actively campaigning for the congressman. In the latest of the Ron Paul books, Dr. No addresses five major topics. The first topic is the Individual vs the State which goes from capital punishment to civil disobedience. Second is Foreign policy. Being the policemen of the world is unethical. It’s making us bankrupt. Third is Socialism, the agenda pushed by the left. Gun control, Lobbying, Immigration, and Medical Care are all covered. Great topic. Forth is Monetary Policy. Great refresher on Taxes, Keynes, the business cycle and Austrian Economics. Be ready for any debate. Neo-cons and liberals will be amazed with your logic. This completes our hero’s set of books. I loved it.

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