Ron Paul Books speaks out against CBS’s foreign policy debate

by RonPaulBooks on November 15, 2011

Ron Paul Books speaks out against CBS as they ignore the only differential point of view on foreign policy in their latest debate debacle.

Normally, I like to keep this site’s updates specifically for new Ron Paul Books. However, I found it particularly disturbing that CBS only gave 90 seconds out of 90 minutes to Ron Paul. Not to mention the topic of “Ron Paul Foreign Policy” is distinct from all the other candidates views. Oh yeah, and he wrote a book about it too! I’m starting to seriously think that the main stream media does not want Ron Paul’s foreign policy views discussed, known, or even brought up. It seems they begrudgingly gave him 90 seconds and held their noses the whole time, hoping that the American public was getting a snack from the kitchen when Ron Paul spoke about water boarding as torture, or how preemptively starting a war with Iran was a bad idea. Just because they “might get a nuke in the future.” When the media does stunts like this it shows they are afraid of the ideas Ron Paul represents and that they will do anything to downplay them. CBS needs to realize that this only energizes Ron Paul’s base as well as gives them ammo to convince those still on the fence about his ideas. This blatant abuse of media power will backfire, and Ron Paul will become the next President of the United States.


It’s also weird that CBS pulled it’s own poll! With over 27,000 votes in just a short time preceding the debate, CBS pulls the poll from their website! They didn’t bother to fudge the results or still allow people to vote without showing the results. They completely removed it! Luckily this Ron Paul Books supporter caught CBS in the act!


Ron Paul Books CBS Foreign Policy debate

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Debbie Madlem December 10, 2011 at 8:48 am

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